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Perks4Us offers a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your restaurant's performance and enhance customer satisfaction. With our innovative team behind our platform, you can effortlessly attract new patrons, increase customer loyalty, and turn your business into a review & revenue generating machine.

Tailored End to End Customer loyalty model

Custom by Design, Simple in Execution.

Opt-In Engagement Strategy

Picture this – one of your valued customers decides to join your exclusive loyalty program. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of a transformative journey. By opting in, they're not just signing up for perks; they're committing to a long-term relationship with your restaurant. Through our platform, their opt-in initiates a seamless transition from one-time visitor to loyal patron, ensuring they're rewarded every step of the way.

Automated Review System

Collecting customer feedback has never been easier. By streamlining this process, you not only enhance your ability to refine offerings but ensure every touchpoint exceeds expectations. Gathering more reviews not only boosts your reputation but propels you ahead of the competition. As you accumulate authentic feedback, your restaurant gains credibility and visibility, ultimately improving your organic reach.

Biweekly | Monthly Messaging

Our biweekly and monthly messaging service is the cornerstone of nurturing relationships and fostering loyalty among your customers. By regularly communicating perks, specials, holiday discounts, secret menu items, BOGO offers, freebies, and exciting giveaways, you keep your brand top-of-mind for those most likely to return. These personalized communications not only drive repeat business but also deepen the connection between your restaurant and its patrons.

Cost Effective
Growth Initiatives

We believe in maximizing your resources for optimal results. Our growth strategies are designed to fuel your restaurant's expansion without the need for a separate advertising budget. By focusing on your existing customer base, particularly repeat customers, our loyalty program becomes your most potent tool for cost-effective growth. While we also offer advertising services to attract new customers, our loyalty program ensures that you extract the maximum value from your current customer base.

Loyalty MADE Simple

Because Simple works.

Our approach revolves around simplicity. We understand the complexities of running a restaurant, which is why we've streamlined the loyalty process for you. From sign-up to rewards redemption, our system is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Opt-In and Review Forms

Enhance customer engagement and feedback collection with our strategically placed physical QR CODE opt-in and review forms. Placed conveniently throughout your restaurant, on tables, and next to the register, these forms provide a tangible way for patrons to opt into your loyalty program and share their valuable feedback. By offering both digital and physical avenues for participation, you ensure that every customer has the opportunity to connect with your brand and contribute to its growth. Trained employees can seize these opportunities to further engage with patrons, adding fuel to the fire and driving revenue growth.

"A fantastic experience with Perks4Us! Their loyalty program has truly transformed our restaurant. Our customers love the personalized perks and rewards, and the automated review system has provided invaluable feedback for improving our service. The team is incredibly helpful and responsive, making the whole process seamless. Thanks to Perks4Us, we've seen a significant increase in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Highly recommend!"

Alex M. - Restaurant Owner & Entrepreneur

Loyalty Made Simple.

Perks for them, you, well us.

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